"When I came to Markson Dawe Talent in early 2016, I had absolutely no acting experience. Mary was able to give me invaluable information about the acting industry and its techniques. She has such a strong passion for her work, and whether you are a beginner like I was, or a more experienced actor, her classes are a must-take. I trained with Mary again at the end of 2016 to prepare for IMTA (the International Model and Talent Association), where I received a number of great opportunities. I am now signed with an L.A. talent manager and moving out to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams! All of this would not have been possible if it wasn't for Mary and her classes. No one can guarantee that your acting career will take off, but Mary is the person that can set you up on the launch pad! Thanks Mary!"

Kyle G.
Cedarburg, WI.

"When re-entering the acting business after a long absence, 27 plus years, I located on camera acting training with Markson-Dawe Talent. The course with Mary covered essential and proven techniques and advice to help shape and support the pursuit of my goals in this industry. I have been working on various television shows (Empire, Chicago PD, Chicago Justice, APB) as an extra/background actor in Chicago and regularly observed techniques and instruction provided by Mary put into play by seasoned actors. The information, instruction and direction provided by Mary increased my confidence and will undoubtedly help to secure my place in this business in the future. Thank you Mary! "

Chuck P.
West Allis, WI.

"When I first came to Markson Dawe Talent I was already an experienced actor, having studied theatre in college and performed on stage my entire life. Mary Dawe helped me to expand my performance skills in a film oriented direction, opening up a larger variety of opportunities in my career. Her one-on-one class structure allows for a more personalized learning experience, maximizing your individual learning potential. Mary herself is passionate about her work and it was a joy to work with her. She does not promise grandeur, but rather aids you in building a foundation in which to pursue your own goals. No matter your film and television acting goals, everyone needs a place to begin. Build your foundation and take your first steps. As an experienced actor, I highly recommend Markson Dawe Talent."

Andrea E.
Milwaukee, WI.

"Mary Dawe is one of the most amazing ladies! She helped me so much! I owe a lot to her! She coached me and believed in me so much! She taught me not just about acting and auditioning but also about being true to who I am and being kind and respectful and happy for others success. She believed in me from my very first class and gave me the confidence to work hard and when things went really, really good for me on awards night it was so awesome having my Mom AND Mary by my side. I will never forget her!"

Spencer T.
Hartland, WI.

"In all of my years training as an actor I have never received insight and wisdom like Mary has been able to offer me in her classes. She has given me the tools and knowledge that I need to take my art to the next level. She helped me become familiar with language and vocabulary that directors and other artists use on set making me so much more prepared. Mary's classes have given me the confidence to step onto any set across the country knowing I will be successful. Mary is a true professional. Her experience and talent makes her classes unparalleled to any around. I strongly recommend Mary to any actor that is interested in pursuing a career in TV/Film."

Matt O.
Milwaukee, WI.

"I've been pursuing a career in acting for over 6 years now. I had no training and thought I didn't need it. I wish I could go back in time. I've had a couple of good opportunities get past me that probably wouldn't have if I took this class years ago. Mary Dawe is the REAL DEAL! She teaches the craft with a passion that can't be faked. 5 years ago, Summerfest celebrated their 40th anniversary and held open calls. I attended, and when asked why I should be in the commercial, my answer was boring and dry. That happens to be one of the first things Mary taught me: "Don't be Nyquil, be Red Bull!"
She gave me valuable tips on how to get the attention of casting directors. I used to think acting was as easy as point and shoot. I was soooo wrong. There's a lot of little things that go along with it and Mary is GREAT at explaining them. Now, 5 years later (2012), Summerfest celebrated their 45th anniversary and held another casting call. I had just completed my 7th class with Mary and I had so much confidence, there had to be a trail of it behind me! Not only did I get the part, we filmed it the very same day.
Working with Mary got rid of the camera fright and I killed it! I knew exactly what the director wanted and was able to deliver. Everything Mary had asked me to do in class, the director also asked of me on set. The director was very pleased with my performance and called it a great one! That wouldn't have happened if I didn't understand the acting lingo that I learned from working with Mary. The director used terms I never heard of outside of her class. All in all, I'm very pleased with the training I received and look forward to working with Markson Dawe Talent in the future."

Damien C.
Milwaukee, WI

"I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from the BEST! I firmly believe that behind every great student is a great teacher. Mary is priceless for noticing my potential, challenging me when I needed it, and helping me bring out my abilities and strengths with the unique guidance, communication skills and patience she possesses. I am in "Awe of Dawe", which pretty much sums up my experience in working with this amazingly talented, intelligent, professional, straight forward and real woman who knows firsthand what this business is all about! I felt prepared, confident and excited to partake in the New York IMTA 2010 event, knowing full well that this intense, exciting and pivotal experience of a lifetime would not have been, had it not been for the caliber of teaching I experienced with Mary.
Thank you forever Mary Dawe!"

Susan A
Waukesha, WI

"After training with Mary for the past seven months I often wonder why she's not a multi-millionaire providing her talents from Broadway to Hollywood to the more experienced actors, than to a small-town Midwestern girl. Every day I am fortunate and thankful for having Mary Dawe as my acting coach, and will feel that way for the rest of my life. With her expertise, techniques and lifetime of experience in the industry, I feel in the last few months, I have been taught as much as a student would be taught attending a three year dramatic arts institution. Mary not only gives you the expected time, attention and practice but also the motivation, moral support and care. Thanks to Mary I am now pursuing my acting dreams in New York."

Megan Z.
Waukesha, WI

"Working with Mary has been an amazing experience for me. Her classes have taught me so much, not just about acting, but also about the business side of the industry as well. She even found different exercises for different methods of acting which were very helpful for me. I thought that her "hands-on" approach was exactly what I needed to be a more confident actor. Mary is a wonderful teacher for this craft and is definitely my recommendation for anybody who wants to learn it.
Thanks for everything Mary!"

Kyle D
Sheboygan, WI

"Over the past year I have had the pleasure of working with Mary Dawe. I trained with Mary to prepare for the National American Miss pageant, specifically to improve my stage presence, speech presentation and to prepare myself for my first commercial audition. What I learned was so much more. I had to open up and absorb everything that was given to me and Mary helped me stretch my comfort zone and explore different sides of myself in the variety of scene work. Being able to explore extreme opposites of who I am and going through her program has prepared me not only for audition challenges, but in challenges of life as well. Her training gave me self confidence in front of the camera.
Thanks to Mary and her workshops, I am prepared, well trained, and possess the skills necessary to audition in the film and acting business. I am polished, confident and look forward to a bright future in the entertainment industry. "

Annie J.
Mequon, WI.

"Mary is a fantastic acting coach! Not only did I learn the know-how for on-camera acting, I also gained insight into how this industry works. At a recent audition I was told I really know my stuff, which I have Mary to thank for teaching me the tools to be camera ready. The classes built confidence in me and were so much fun!"

Sonja V.
Mequon, WI

"Working with Mary has proven to be both educational and inspirational. Soon after I signed up for classes with her, she sent me on my first casting call and I became part of a local film in Milwaukee. She helped me learn new skills and gave me the confidence I need to become a professional actress."

Stephanie W.
Hartland, Wi.

"When I started classes, I was shy and intimidated by the camera. Before long, I was feeling very comfortable. Mary knows so much. She was not only helpful, she was kind and gave me constructive criticism, made sure I wasn't confused and just so much more. When I finished the course, within a week Mary sent me out on an audition. I loved the chance to work with her and now I know SO much about acting. I suggest these classes to anyone who wants to know how to act well.

Gina V.
Hartland, WI

"I had never acted before in my whole life and was horribly shy. Markson Dawe taught me everything I needed to know to help me come out of my shell and become an actor. Three days after completing the course, Mary found an audition for me and I got the part! Come showtime, I found that I wasn't nervous at all. I knew what I had to do and know that this is what I love. Anything that happens to me in the future with acting, I owe it all to Markson Dawe!"

Mary K.
New Berlin, Wi.

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